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    This is Dr. Mubariz Mammadli plastic Surgery Centre , Thank you for reaching out.

    I can give you brief information and help you out for the next steps. 
    Dr. Mubariz Mammadli is Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with global experience of plastic surgery.
     In our institute, the price is determined according to the features of the case. To let me help you, you need to record a video (max 1min) that tells your complaints & expectations, please answer below questions, and send us via WhatsApp (+994558988866). 
    Link: wa.me/994558988866
     :Your Name&Surname
    : Your Age
    : Your Job
    : Do you have any disease including HBsAG/ HCV/ HIV? Are you taking any regular medicine?: Do you smoke?
    : Do you have any allergy?
    : Did you have any surgery before? 
    Please attach your pictures. For revision patients, pictures before the surgery are also needed as well. 
    Have a beautiful day.


    For more information www.drmubariz.az

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