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During 10 years of work experience, he performed about 5,000 surgeries ( until 2021 ). For the first time in the world, he performed Endoscopic Abdominoplasty with his own technique. Performed Endoscopic MM Lift. He has participated in many conferences and symposiums in America and Europe. He has demonstrated live surgery at conferences in many countries around the world ( Turkey, UAE, etc. ).

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'BodyTite' is an innovative technology, allowing for radiofrequency liposuction, along with tissue tightening. Due to a handpiece with two electrodes, one of which is inserted under the skin and the other one remains on the surface, destruction of excessive fat deposits and tightening of happens at the same time, giving the effect lifting. The advantage of 'Body Tite' liposuction is in complete elimination of adipose cells in every part of the body and, at the same time, skin lifting, during almost a single visit by applying radiofrequency energy. And all of this happens without leaving visible traces. 'BodyTite' has high safety and low injury rate and that is why the post-procedure rehabilitation is limited to just a few days. During elimination of fat deposits using this technology the risk of complication and mass bleeding is reduced. Radiofrequency liposuction 'BodyTite' allows for eliminating up to 8 l of adipose tissue during a single visit. Results of procedure are visible almost immediately and remain for years!


27 Nov 2023

Kişilər üçün 7 plastik əməliyyat

Kişilər üçün 7 plastik əməliyyat Qadınlardan fərqli olaraq, kişilərin əksəriyyəti fiziki sağlamlıq

17 Nov 2023

Botoks və Qaş qaldırma

Botoks və qaş qaldırma Hər kəs demək olarki qaş qaldırma üçün botoks istifadə edib. botoks sadəcə

16 Nov 2023

Popo implantı

Popo implantı Popo implanti və qluteoplastika əməliyyatı Popo implanti popa formasını korreksiya

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