Plastic surgeon with high professional reputation in Azerbaijan, abroad


    Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Author of more than 5,000 plastic surgeries.

    Having his own set line, he has made his mark with his operations inside and outside the country. He raised the name of our Azerbaijan by presenting a master class at many conferences.

    The main goal of the doctor is the beauty created by developing the health that is loved and followed in many foreign countries.

    For this purpose, patients from many foreign countries apply to the doctor for surgery.

    Dr. Mubariz has also trained several plastic surgeons along with his surgeries. He loves to teach students the techniques he knows and is proud to do so

    For this purpose, plastic surgeons from foreign countries apply to Dr. Mubariz to study techniques.

    Performs more facial and body surgeries and prefers to perform these surgeries with endoscopic minimally invasive techniques.

    He has already made a name for himself in the world with endoscopic facial surgery

    As the son of Azerbaijan, we are proud of Dr. Mubariz.

    Onlayn randevu al