Plastic surgery serves recovery of self-confidence, high spirit, health


    Nowadays, when people live faster and more vigorous life, and this reflects on their physical appearances. Besides, aging continues its way as usual. As a result, some people feel complexed by the looks of their facial features and body shape. 

    In those cases, they prefer to see a doctor, commonly plastic surgeons. Dr.Mubariz Mammadli is a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon.
    He practices as a (plastic) surgeon in Baku since 2015. As Dr.Mammadli says plastic surgery serves for the recovery of self-confidence, good spirit, and the health of people as well.

    Generally, feeling uncertain becomes harder for some people and they turn to plastic surgeons like Dr. Mubariz Mammadli. 
    And what makes them distinctive? Surgeons like Dr.Mammadli not only perform aesthetic surgeries, they also carry out reconstructive ones.
    One of the techniques that he uses is endoscopy or surgery with (small incision) fewer cuts. This technique is used by a few (plastic) surgeons in the world.

    Endoscopy involves making very small holes ( Hairline) inside a hairy zone of the head and carrying out (same incision) a requested surgery of the forehead, face, or both with the use of an endoscope. 

    Dr.Mammadli considers pre and post-surgery periods as important as the surgery process itself. It is important before surgeries to understand the needs of a patient and at the same ( time) team inform them about any probable complications of surgery. As the famous Latin saying goes: Primum non-nocere, that is "First, do (not) harm".

    Surgeons always try to explain probable complications or any hardships for patients during post-surgery periods. And this way of thinking and functioning is taught to all the beginning and prospective surgeons.

    In general, as statistics show, earlier people were complaining of their body shapes and as a result, body surgeries were very requested. But now as figures tell us, patients prefer requesting facial surgeries. And endoscopies carried out by Dr.Mammadli played an important part in this.
    Nowadays patients request more procedures of an eyelift, browlift, or changing the shape of the cheekbones. 

    Dr.Mammadli and his team not only carry out surgeries but also conduct an exchange of skills and experiences with foreign (like European, US, and Turkish) surgeons, take part in medical conferences, scientific congresses. They also perform master classes abroad.

    Plastic or aesthetic surgery not only represents the concept of beauty. It is also important for the patient and the surgeon not to undermine the patient's health.

    Health comes first and beauty follows. These two concepts would make a patient happy and help them gain most needed self-confidence and success. Seeing the patient's regained self-confidence is the main source of pride for (Plastic surgeons) surgeons.

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